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About Drinkwater

Our signature design style
Drinkwater Flowers has a refreshing organic approach to our design. By composing unusual flowers in lush colors with unexpected textural elements, we offer our customer a unique creation and a true work of art. Our arrangements are typically compact in nature or freestyle sculptural ikebana. We have a modern approach to our design using leaf wrap with contemporary shaped clear vases or interesting vessels we find on our weekly trips into Boston. We habitually incorporate eye catching and unique elements into our arrangements, whether it be pods, fiddlehead ferns, grass arches, edibles or branches in bloom.

We offer same day delivery in our local community and across the country. We take the guesswork out of ordering flowers by personally "designing" even the wired-out long distance orders. We guarantee value and satisfaction from every order you place with us. Your recipient will receive an arrangement that has "our look" even if it is coming from a flower shop in another state.

Angela Bramante started Drinkwater Flowers & Design as a studio shop in 2002 and it blossomed into a retail shop with its urban retro vibe and relaxing atmosphere. We carry wonderful gift items from local artisans as well as from companies who focus their proceeds toward a charity or offer products that are from sustainable or up-cycled resources.
Drinkwater Flowers